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The background is grey as are our vans as was at one time the best quality slate in the world, now it's Heather and still from Wales mined at Bethesda at the Penrhyn quarry which is reputedly the largest slate quarry in the world. It was bought by Mc Alpine's in 1964, and is still in production

Chapel West

Chapel West on Scotland Street. 14 000 slates later, take a look.

Health and Safety
New regulations are to come into force in the new year, basically we can use ladders for access and egress but not to work from. We need to keep three points of contact at all times with a ladder so if two hands are needed to operate we will need safety access (scaffolding).

Spout: n water course or pipe. Also known as gutter.

Want to know why you should use a corgi plumber?
Look at these photo's of a chimney we fixed, there WAS! A gas fire fitted prior to the work being done.

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