The old Methodist Chapel on Scotland Street at the junction with Furnace Hill. It has been recycled into 14 luxury appartments by Chapel West Ltd.
These Velux windows we fitted are of the conservation range and are "F06". The view from these ranges from the University Arts Tower to Worral, Wadsley Comman, Warncliffe and to the Ski Village.
Here you can see the rafters being fitted with insulation and the dormer sides fitted with plywood cladding ready for the Lead Cloaking
All latted out ready for the Slate to go on, with 2x1 inch treated timber. the under cloak is not mineral felt but a three layer breathable system from Rubberoid.
Here the slate is being fixed to the latts, using copper nails.

As you can now see, the code 5 Lead sheet has been fixed to to the Domer sides or Cheaks.These are clipped along the lap joints and have lead clips welded on acroos the top of each sheet where nailedif overlapped. We used a larger copper nail as in 3.35mm dia annular ringed.

Here we see a view of the dormers east facing side.
Here is the right hand end of the front awaiting the outer brick skin to be built.