To recycle our waste is one of our newest and greatest challenge. If you want to help you can.


Well instead of using newly mined rock to fill in that hole you have, we can supply you with recycled inert roof material, thereby saving all the energy of mining and transport, help keep places like the Peak District un-changed, and all you have to do is pay us the delivery cost, or--- you fetch it for free

Being poisonous we take all old Lead to a licensed recycling centre where it is sent to a Lead Mill and re melted for reuse.

Where possible all wood is used for construction although in some cases this is not feasible we try to extract Heat energy from it and hopefully save using fossil fuels. Note:- The carbon emitted at this stage to atmosphere is the same as if it were to decay naturally.

We can not now do anything with old asbestos as a Licensed Operator must take it away.