This is the bathroom roof that was reclaimed and turned over. As you can see there are still four rows left to do.

The first section we did was from a newer part of the building and most of the stone was reused.

Once the stone was sorted we had to fetch it and get it on to the roof.
This was accomplished by using Mr Russell and his Hiab.

A lot of hard work was saved by the use of this lorry.

Once in place the stone was used according to size

Here we are talking out the boards and rubbish ready for re boarding the vally prior to lining it with code 5 lead.

Laying out the main roof acording to plan.

Jim on the wagon.

Sorting and grading the stone from Mr R G Wilson at Bakewell.

He specialises in "Quality reclaimed Slate, Tiles and New Paving."

Telephone number. 01629 814855 Riverside works Buxton Road Bakewell

View from the east
Jim weighing the stone out